Our Facility

On the West Coast, we have a 40,000 sq foot facility in American Canyon, CA that is the hub of our operation. Virtually every case we move comes into our warehouse before being sent on to its final destination. This allows us to both count each case twice and check the integrity of the product ourselves before it lands on your dock. We cool our facility using passive night air, which keeps your wine at an ideal temperature for the few short days that it is in our space. Our neighborhood provides us easy access to many of the key wine storage facilities that your suppliers may chose to use: Valley Wine Warehouse, Western, and Groskopf are just a few places that are within minutes of our doors.

For our East Coast service, we have partnered with a wonderful, family owned company, Palumbo Trucking and Warehousing. They are based in Bloomfield, NJ and have a facility that is also conveniently positioned near the key wine warehouses, importers, and the wine growing regions on the Eastern Seaboard.