Our Team

US Wine Transport is a family owned and operated business with offices in MN and CA. Our MN office is home to Deb Smokenski and Nik Gentz who manage our East Coast program. CA houses a team of 9 with Randy, our owner and founder, traveling back and forth between the two. While we all have different roles; our commitment to being true partners with our customers is what drives each and every one of our decisions. If you have a wine transportation problem, we’d love to see if we can be the solution.

Randy deBruyn | Randy had the idea that has built this wonderful company. He and his dad were running a MN based trucking company moving everything from frozen turkeys to flooring when it came to him that getting into the wine business had the chance to be a lot more fun. He quickly established relationships with a couple of key distributors in MN (all of which are still customers today), found a small warehouse space in CA, hired his brother in law, Benny, to help manage that warehouse, and US Wine Transport was born. Sadly we lost Benny in 2013 but the foundation that he built for us in CA has allowed all of the growth and success we enjoy today. In the early 2000’s, Randy sold the trucking company to devote all of his efforts to supporting the growth of US Wine. Nearly than 20 years and many states later, those efforts have continually paid off. From the beginning, we have believed that this business is about family and while only two current employees share a last name, we are all deeply committed to what we are building here each day.

MN Team

Deb Smolenski | Deb has been with US Wine Transport longer than anyone else. In her 34 years she has helped with almost all facets of the business and currently manages the day to day needs of our customers and carriers from the East Coast.

Nik Gentz | Nik joined US Wine Transport in August of 2018. He came on board to help support Deb as our business from the East Coast grows and has been learning our systems very quickly.

CA Team

Jim Hobbs | Jim carries the title of longest running team member on the CA side of the business although he used to be based in MN also. He has been moving wine in one fashion or another since 1996 and these days can be found making local pickups and helping keep our warehouse organized and running smoothly.

Travis Dale | Travis came aboard in 1998 and like everyone who started back then, learned the whole operation. We have been lucky to have him for his entire career and appreciate the expertise he is able to offer based on his years of helping us hone what we do best. His current responsibilities span from answering customer questions, routing outbound loads, managing our carrier network and helping in the warehouse as often as he can.

Tom Kiff | Tom joined us in 2012 to help support both the office and warehouse effort. His previous work life didn’t involve wine or logistics but his organizational skills were quickly put to use in optimizing our systems to be as efficient as possible. Most of his time now is spent focused on getting each PO into our system accurately and then coordinating its arrival into our warehouse during our short consolidation window. When time allows, he swaps from order coordination in the office to order handling in the warehouse.

Dan Hermsmeyer Jr. | Dan found his way to US Wine Transport in the spring of 2014. He had great experience in a variety of warehouses before he came to us. We tap into that experience as he organizes our warehouse weekly, receives PO’s and loads outbound trucks. Additionally, he offers support in the office on the inbound planning side.

Jeb Burns | Jeb joined US Wine Transport in the summer of 2014. Our continued growth had us seek out another team member who could help in both the warehouse and the office. Jeb learned our operation quickly and his perspective from his earlier career has been greatly appreciated. Recently, Jeb moved with his family to North Carolina. This move has allowed him to take on a more customer facing role in addition to his continued support of our inbound order coordination.

Callan deBruyn | Callan came to US Wine Transport in the summer of 2016. As Randy’s daughter, she had grown up hearing all about the company and its values. Her main responsibility is sales and business development but she helps with most customer facing tasks as well as supporting carrier partnerships that make the added growth possible.

Sarah McKnight | Sarah came to us from a wine warehouse in the area and is likely the first voice you hear when you call our CA number. She handles a wide variety of tasks on both our inbound and outbound shipping cycle that keeps everything running smoothly. She is also a critical part of managing our relationships with the wine storage facilities in the area.

Ridge Dale | Ridge joined the team in February of 2018. After a busy end to 2017 we knew we needed to add more support in the warehouse. He was able to pick up the necessary skills very quickly and now helps with receiving, organizing, and shipping all of your orders. He has also taken on the task of managing our Mississippi program.

Benito Phili | Benny is our newest addition in the California office. He has worked at several wine warehouses in the neighborhood and we are excited about the talent and energy he brings to our warehouse.